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Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #DB17

Description: Mechanical Door Bell 4" Nickel Plated bronze ringer 5-3/4" X 2-3/4"
Nice Loud Ring, Ringer has a 2-1/2" reach

price: $389.95
Available: 1               Quantity:

Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #DB18

Description: 3-1/2" Diameter Mechanical Door Bell
Bronze Door Bell, Original Patina Nickel Plate has "not" been polished
This is nice, Nice Loud Brrrrrring Bell cover revolves as you turn the ringer (2-1/4" reach,).
Livingston Door Bell Co., Battle Creek Michigan, Pat Sep 20th 1887
price: $old
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Antique Restoration Hardware, door-bell-19 Antique Restoration Hardware door-bell-19a
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Item #DB19

Description: 6-1/4" High Mechanical Door Bell, 4-7/8" diameter
Ringer has approximately 2-5/8" reach
Pic 1 Cast Iron, Windsor Door Bell with Brass/bronze Ringer
Work well, with a Nice Loud sound
unmarked Reading Hardware Company, Windsor Pattern circa 1890.
price: $429.95 each

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Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #DB20

Description: Marked "Abbes Pat."
A. Base Size 4-3/4" H X 3" Porcelain Pushbutton, 4" Brass bell cover, has 1-5/8"- 4" reach $259.95
B. Base Size 4-3/4" H X 3" Brass Ringer w/ iron handle, 4" Iron Bell $259.95

price: Listed above
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