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Antique Restoration Hardware, door-bell-5 Antique Restoration Hardware door-bell-5a
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Item #DB5

Description: Mechanical Door Bell
Corbins Bell New Britain

5" Bronze Bell, Nickle Plate, Cast Iron Base, Very Nice Bronze Ringer
First bell ringer has a 2" reach, Nice Loud Ring, For doors 1/2" - 1-1/2" thick
DB5A (2 smaller pictures are another bell) 5" Bronze Bell, Nickle Plate in Great Shape, Cast Iron Base,
Very Nice Polished Bronze ringer has a 2-1/2" reach,
Nice Loud Ring, For doors 1/2" - 2-1/4" thick Ringer has old repair very nicely done.
price: $349.95 ea
Available: 2              

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Antique Restoration Hardware, door-bell-6 Antique Restoration Hardware door-bell-6a
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Item #DB6

Description: NOW SOLD !!!
Brass Bells with Old Patina, These Will Polish up if you want them to be a brighter brass
Bell is 2-3/4" diameter Spring Coils are approximately 4" Diameter
Originally these were Old Servants Bells from a southern plantation house but now can be used as Door or Shop Bells with a mounted pulley and rope or a cable
19th Century Bells when you buy all 3 the 3 toggle "pull seperators" come with the set
price: $OLD !!!
Available: 3               Quantity:

Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #DB7

Description: Mechanical Door Bell
Pat'd December 30 1879 W.E. Sparks
5" Brass Bell Original Patina, Cast Iron Base & Ringer
Nice Loud Ring, ringer has a 3" reach
We have all the patent information to go with this bell, "ASK FOR IT".
price: $349.95
Available: 1               Quantity:

Antique Restoration Hardware, door-bell-8 Antique Restoration Hardware door-bell-8a
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Item #DB8

Description: 6-1/4" High
Patented Feb. 25th 1879 Great Looking Bells

price: $429.95 & $479.95
Available: 1 bronze, with bronze ringers & 1 bronze, with an iron ringer (2nd picture)              

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