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Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #ROSE5
Victorian Door Knob Backplate
Cast Iron 2-1/16" Diameter

Price: $12.95

Available: 4 Quantity:

Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #ROSE6
Early Door Knob Backplate
Porcelain & Brass

Price: $ 27.95 ea. with Center, $19.95 ea. No Center

Available: 6 w/Center
12 w/o center

Option 1:

Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #ROSE7
Cast Iron Door Knob Backplates with Escutcheon
Rose is 2-1/8" diameter, escutcheon is 1-7/8" X 1-3/8"

Price: $42.95 Per Set
4 Roses $29.95 each
8 Escutcheons $17.95 each
They Can be bought as a Set (A Set includes 1 Rose & 1 Escutcheon) $42.95 per Set

Roses or Escutcheons Wanted:

Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #rose8b
Cast Bronze Door Knob Backplates
2" Bronze

Price: Cast Iron $9.95 Bronze $14.95
Available: 5 Cast Iron Quantity:

Option 1:

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