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Item #DK9
BPOE (ELKS) Bronze Door Knobs
Both in good condition, original patina as found, Details on eyes and hairs are still pretty good
The Beginning of the BPOE (ELKS)
In New York City, a small group of actors and entertainers, wishing to continue their social gatherings, when New York's laws prevented the opening of public establishments, began to meet regularly as the "Jolly Corks," a name derived from the group's organizer. While the meetings were held with regularity, apparently no form nor substance resulted, except It soon became a custom for some member to propose a toast to the Brothers who were not present. And in the course of time, this custom was quite generally observed whenever a group of Elks were together at eleven o'clock.
Shortly before Christmas in 1867, only a few months after the fellows began to meet, one of their members died, leaving his wife and children destitute. This event gave rise to the notion that, in addition to good fellowship, the Jolly Corks needed a more noble purpose in order to endure, and serving not only their own in need, but others as well. Two months later, on February 16, 1868, with a statement of serious purpose, an impressive set of rituals, a symbol of strength and majesty and such other elaborate trappings that might be expected of a group of actors and musicians, the new fraternal order was launched. Since its founding on February 16, 1868, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE) has been recognized by the noble creature that is the symbol of the Order. The elk is a peaceful animal, but will rise in defense of its own in the face of a threat. The majestic creature is fleet of foot and keen of perception. The elk is a distinctively American, patriotic and family oriented subscribing to the cardinal principles of Elkdom, "Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity."
We see poor quality reproductions of these for sale for $140.00+ per knob
Here is your chance to get the real knobs from a BPOE lodge

The top set is brass
The bottom set is cast Iron
Price: $139.95 each

Available:Top set brass
(2) @ 2-1/8" Knob on Left made for 9/32" threaded spindle
(1) @ 2-1/8" Knob on Right made for 3/8" threaded spindle

Available:Bottom set Iron


Knob Wanted

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Item #DK10
Wonderful cast Iron knob
Knob Diameter 2-1/4"

Price: $79.95

Available: 1

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Item #dk11
W.D.G. (or D.W.G.) Monogram, Cast Iron Door Knob

Price: $59.95
Available: 1

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Item #dk12
Geisha door knob by Russel & Erwinn
pat July,13 1879 AMAZING original patina
Has a hole in base of knob ( not visable when on door ) where it was pined to display it off from a door
Includes backplate

Price: $799.95
Available: 1

Knob Wanted

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