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Item #FRL13

Description: Iron Rim Lock w/knobs & keeper Nice Shape
Lock Body 3-3/4" x 2-1/2" size does not include catch
price: $114.95 & up
Correct price will be charged at time of shipping & receipts will be included
5 Complete with Plain Catch, Rose & Porcelain Knobs $119.95
3 Complete with Fancy Catch Rose & Porcelain Knobs, $149.95
3 Complete with Fancy Catch, Rose & Fancy Iron Knobs $189.95

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Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #FRL14

Description: Rim Lock with keeper Nice Shape
Maker: Russell Erwin Mfg. Co New Britain Conn. USA
Pat'd June 11 1889 Apr. 15 1890
price: (correct price will be charged at time of shipping)
$79.95 with keeper
$54.95 with plain keeper (matching curves on sides but flat/plain on top)
$44.95 without Keeper
1 With Fancy Keeper $79.95
1 With Plain Keeper
3 with no keeper

Antique Restoration Hardware fancy-rim-lock-15
Antique Restoration Hardware fancy-rim-lock-15a Antique Restoration Hardware fancy-rim-lock-15b Antique Restoration Hardware fancy-rim-lock-15c
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Item #FRL15
Early Victorian Rim Lock for light doors such as screen doors, Original Knobs as pictured
3-1/2" Wide X 2-1/4" High X 1/2" Thick (measurement is not including catch)

Price: $159.95 complete set, $119.95 Knob set only

Latch #1 (2) Complete Sets & (3) Without Keeper
Latch #2 (5) Complete Sets
Latch #3 (4) Without Keeper
A standard keeper ($7.95 ea) can be used if this latches on the side

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Antique Restoration Hardware
Item #FRL16
Early Victorian Rim Lock
Cast Iron 3-3/4" Wide X 2-1/2" High

Price: $ 129.95

Available: 4 Quantity:

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