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Cabinet Keys || House "Skeleton" Keys

Price in option box is the price that will be charged upon shipping
As these are all antique, Keys 1, 1b, 2 & 3, the pictures are of a General Style of Keys (based on the top not the bit).
The key you receive may not be actual key you see here but will have the same general looks & age
With 1c, 2b & 2c most of the time you will be buying the actual key pictured
If you need a key to operate a lock, we can not guarantee a fit unless we have your lock here

 Antique Restoration Hardware, Keys
Item #keys-1
For Furniture Locks
Price: #1 $7.95 2-5 $10.95ea., 5 & 6 $11.95ea.

Available: Varies Quantity:

Pick Style:

 Antique Restoration Hardware, Keys
Item #keys-1b
For Furniture Locks
Price: #1 $11.95ea.,#2 $15.95ea., #3 $11.95ea., #s4&5 Sewing Machine keys $10.95 #6 $15.95 Victor

Available: Varies Quantity:

Style/key Wanted:

 Antique Restoration Hardware, Keys
Item #keys-1c
Very Fancy Keys For Furniture Locks
Price:$49.95 ea.and up

Dolphin key #1
1 @ 2-3/4"L Iron $59.95
1 @ 2-3/4"L Brass $54.95
2 @ 2-1/2"L Brass $49.95
1 @ 1-3/8"L Brass $49.95

(2) #2 Large 3-1/16"L Fancy $64.95
(1) #3 2-3/4"L Victorian Bronze $59.95
Correct Price Charged At Point Of Sale


Style/Key Wanted:

keys-1da  keys-1d  keys-1db
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Item #keys-1d
Fancy Keys From Hotel Frankfurter Hof Room key to room #324
(Das Hotel Frankfurter Hof, Zimmerschlüssel, um Raum 324)
Key is 5-5/8" long With Nickel Plated Brass Bow, Nickel Plated iron bit
Brass Name Plate is 4-7/8" X 1-1/2"
Price: $44.95


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