We sell original antique hardware but, we are also a distributor for these new parts to use with old doorknobs with modern cut outs in the door for newer locks. We also sell many styles of original old door knobs. Retail prices are $77.95 & Up for each set. We can sell you these sets for use with our knobs for price of $64.95 each set, with your choice of backplates. the only thing you need to add is your choice of knobs. Knobs and S&H is additional.
Roses Shown Below
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Supplier of Original Antique Knobs.

Price: $64.95 ea.

Style/Size Wanted:

Color/Finish Wanted:


You supply the doorknobs, We supply everything else:
a passage latch with a special decorated lock front and strike plate
an adaptor and a pair of rosettes cast from original antique designs
a special spindle and set screws to attach your doorknobs
you have a choice of old patinas
and we even give you brass slot headed screws to finish the job right.

If you do not have your own knobs, we can sell you those too


Sample Rosettes

Shown are a sample of 14 rosettes available. Each model is available in 5 finishes to match or compliment your antique or reproduction door knobs.